Monday, May 11, 2015
In Vice artist Doris Mirescu explains her adaptation of Tarkovsky's Solaris.
Space is an experience of time. The present and the past and the future combined. Space is alive. It reveals and hides at the same time. It frames and defines. For me, what contains is as alive as what is being contained. In the case of Solaris, space has many resonances. Solaris takes place on a "space" station. The notion of space itself is at the core of the experience. Space enfolds both being and time, existence and memory, what Heidegger calls Dasein, "being there." The audience room in Solaris becomes an experience of Dasein, an experience of being there and not there, an experience of space as a small, but extraordinarily complex and open entity. A brain cell. The human ability to create universes within universes, ad infinitum.
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