Wednesday, June 17, 2015
John Russon and Kirsten Jacobson on space.
“There is” only the event [Ereignis] that is the appropriating of the possibility of being in the happening of a meaningful world. The event is the co-occurrence of Zeit-Raum and of space and time, but it is precisely the event of their separation from each other: they each exist only in and as this constitutive “strife.” Similarly, in our inhabitation of a familiar world—our existence as Dasein—there always lurks Da-sein, our constitutive homelessness that carries within it a call to recognize that we are thus exposed to the abyss; and, equally, our homeless Da-sein can exist in no way other than as making a home in being, appropriating being in one way or another. What is ultimately at stake in our spatiality is the “how” of our appropriation: specifically, what is at stake is whether we live our Dasein in a way that acknowledges this, its inherent Da-sein.
P. 349
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