Tuesday, June 23, 2015
Monica Obreja on tech and sexual difference.
[T]o return to technology being isomorphic and thus non-arbitrarily connected to the male sex, the question is: How can we think about a technology that would not block, but enable, sexual difference? While Martin Heidegger in The Question Concerning Technology tells us that the way to overcome the particular technological mode – or Gestell – of revealing the world in its entirety as nothing but a standing-reserve, as resources, is by pondering and thinking about it, Irigaray also asks us not to forget to breathe in this process. Otherwise thinking might remain a sexually indifferent activity and, surely, it would ultimately cease to happen. Conversely, it is precisely because a certain mode of thinking has always intended to be sexually indifferent that we are careless of our bodily processes, which were once dependent on another being.
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