Monday, July 13, 2015

Taste of Cinema has a list of 10 movies influenced by Heidegger.
[M]an exists, but is hurdling towards death, or inexistence (i.e. we are all mortal). Man is a Being-in-the-World in that he is aware of his existence, and he can become a Being-towards-Death as soon as he is aware of his potential inexistence (i.e. once he realizes he is mortal). Coming to terms with this fact allows for authentic Being, in which man knows that he is a Being-towards-Death. Authenticity in turn creates angst, an unfocused fear, as man realizes that he isn’t at home in the world and will soon leave it. Both society and technology (and virtually everything else) can distract man from living authentically and prevent him from becoming a Being-towards-Death. Finally, as referenced by the title, Being must take the form of time, as existence and inexistence mean nothing without time as their horizon.
  1. Tarkovsky's The Sacrifice
  2. Malick’s The Thin Red Line
  3. Aronofsky’s The Fountain
  4. Kaufman's Synecdoche
  5. Bergman's The Seventh Seal
  6. Lang's Metropolis
  7. Julian Schnabel's The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
  8. Carruth's Primer
  9. Kurosawa’s Ikiru
  10. von Trier's Melancholia
Pretty idiosyncratic. All great directors, but not necessarily their most Heideggerian films.
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