Monday, July 20, 2015
Reddit on the Heidegger in True Detective S02E05.
"I didn't ask for this world. I took it." - Frank
Frank's line feels like a direct reference, conscious or not, to the philosophical work of Martin Heidegger. Careful, Heidegger was an unrepentant Nazi, but he also wrote one of the most important intellectual works of the 20th century, Being and Time. People can be very confusing. Frank's line echoes Heideggar's concept of Geworfenheit, or Releasement.
One more example of mangled Heidegger in intelli-pop-culture: 'Geworfenheit' is not by any stretch 'Releasement', which is itself a poor rendering of 'Gelassenheit' ('letting-be'). The standard translation of 'Geworfenheit' from Being and Time is 'thrownness'; a better translation is 'castness'. Since its publication in 1927, Being and Time has been invaded by the myriad scholarly microbes who have feasted on its soft, fleshy, existentialist bits such as being-unto-death and Angst, while leaving the hard structural bones of the care-structure and its embeddedness in temporality untouched. Sure, scholars have spoken endlessly also of care (Sorge) and temporality (Zeitlichkeit), but never conceptually. They thus remain stuck in their prolix, indeed endless, discourse. A century later, the Geist is as far as ever from understanding that being means time.
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