Friday, July 17, 2015
Time commentates the thinkers referenced in Woody Allen's Irrational Man.
Martin Heidegger: That Abe references Heidegger with derision, in the same breath as “fascism,” isn’t surprising given the German philosopher’s affiliation with the Nazi Party. Though he made significant contributions in the realms of existentialism, political theory, hermeneutics and other fields, his anti-Semitic writings have come to contaminate his reputation.
Abe’s equation of Heidegger with fascism, in a breezy aside, is a bit of an oversimplification. Heidegger was concerned with what it means to be, as he explored in his seminal 1927 work, Being and Time. While fascism presupposes a dictator ruling over a faceless crowd, Heidegger’s thoughts on being encourage accepting the inevitability of death as motivation to live for oneself, and acknowledging other people as ends rather than means. Still, Heidegger’s adherents today grapple with the cloud that hangs over his career.
The fallout from that cloud will rain down and produce interesting mutations. Contaminate is an appropriate word for his introduction of nationalism into his way of thinking. Reminds me of Crass's "Contaminational Power".
Contains the nation, that old sensation
Try grappling with a cloud. An adherent would simply try to glue it or clog it, wouldn't he? (There aren't too many shes among Heidegger adherents.)
To grapple with humid clouds, more shes would definitely help.

Ob.Cit., Aristotle, Προβλήματα, IV 23 879, line 22, "Now a man is dry and hot, but a woman is cold and moist; consequently a man's strength is impaired, but a woman's force is invigorated". Via Anne Carson, "Putting Her in Her Place", in Before Sexuality, p. 137.

Very nice!
And womanliness is letting-presence.
So let it rain!
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