Wednesday, August 05, 2015
In the THE, Jane O'Grady reviews Mary Warnock's Critical Reflections on Ownership.
Roger Scruton has declared attempts at global environmentalism unrealistic, or best achieved by each of us focusing on the love and defence of our local environments. Warnock shares his scepticism about international summits and protocols, and his love for the National Trust, but worries that his notion of oikophilia is based on “the value of belonging rather than that of owning”. She finds it uneasily reminiscent of the German Heimatlichkeit (“feeling for settled home territory”), so trumpeted by Heidegger and the Nazis, with all the xenophobic exclusion of the non-us that it implies.
"So trumpeted" that I can't find Heimatlichkeit anywhere. Maybe it's in a 30s seminar or Black Notebook I don't have yet.
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