Tuesday, September 08, 2015
Magdalena Holy-Luczaj on the sheltering un-disclosedness.
In order to properly understand this change, it is necessary to analyze another dimension of the Turn, which is a different approach to the problem of concealment. Since On the Essence of Truth the status of concealment is enhanced. According to Heidegger, truth is an “unconcealment” (Un-verborgenheit) that is “bringing out of the concealment.” Although Heidegger already indicated that truth of being as a-letheia originally conceals itself, in Being and Time he focused on its disclosing; the notion of concealment had pejorative meaning as a (merely) “closure” of being. Later, in the lecture On the Essence of Truth, Heidegger draws attention to the verb bergen (as a part of the noun Verborgenheit), which means to hide something in sense of saving and rescuing something. In this sense Verbergen means a “shelter” of being. Thus the notion of “concealment” gains strongly positive connotations.
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