Monday, September 28, 2015
PopMatters reviews Heidegger's Hegel.
This is not “Hegel for Dummies”, nor does this new translation make Heidegger’s interpretations of Hegel easier to comprehend. In fact, in their introduction, the translators themselves concede that much of Heidegger’s original text is “fragmentary and much less polished than many of his other works.” In places the introduction even reads like the translators’ apology for the incomprehensibility of much of the book, perhaps wishing to absolve themselves of responsibility for the readability of the text.
Some of the lesser Gesamtausgabe volumes have this, it's a list of jottings not a book, problem. If you are interested in Hegel read Hegel, or the secondary lit. Heidegger's only interested in teasing his understanding out of Hegel.
Pieces of the text will literally be Greek to readers, as the text uses not foreign words but characters from foreign alphabets, as well. The Latin, Greek, and German to English translations are as epic in scope as a Gutenberg bible reading.
At this point (first translation), specialists want to get as close to what Heidegger wrote, as possible. Later, the consensus interpretations will present themselves.
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