Sunday, October 11, 2015
Salon interviews Sherry Turkle about conversations in the digital age.
In a traditional kind of conversation, a face-to-face encounter between two people, what is happening? It’s not just two people talking. There’s a kind of deep interaction, ideally, right?
Yes. I don’t need to call it deep. I really want to de-romanticize what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the basics. I’m not talking about “And now, Let’s do Heidegger” talk.
The nadir of profundity.
"Uh oh, we've hit hard rock here. We're gonna have to fire up the heidegger."
First I wrote "The acme of profundity", but then thought, that's not right, acme is the top, the highest, while profundity is deep, in a downward direction, so I went with nadir.

Which brought to mind, mine at least, that if Martin had been a Baltic fisherman instead of a Bavarian peasant, instead of the opening being a clearing, it would be the ocean, hidden/un-hidden metaphors would be above and below the surface, etc. Heck, it works better; where's the abyss in a forest clearing?

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