Sunday, December 27, 2015
Got the xmas Charlie Hebdo at the local kiosk this morning. On the cover it says: Heidegger, shipwreck of a prophet. The editorial is: Prophecy = SS. There's an interview, "Heidegger's thought nourishs all radicalisms", with François Rastier, who recently published: Naufrage d'un prophète. Heidegger aujourd'hui. I don't have time to translate the interview, but the gist of it is that all thinkers from Arendt and Sartre, to Badiou and Zizek, are secret Nazis. There's no new claims if you've followed, say, Richard Wolin, except for a tidbit that Heidegger was a member of a right-wing esoteric organization called the "Grail League"(?). There's some stuff linking Nazism to Islam, that you don't come across in the anglophone mainstream media. And Charlie Hebdo should have some personal insights into that. There's some silly stuff about how the bad radical anarchists are opposed to good judeo-christian ethics. Yesterday I passed a plaque in Lisbon commemorating the Jews who were burned by Christians in that square 500 years ago, in Copernicus's days. Maybe philosophy is not about making lists of good and bad guys. Maybe the earth does go around the sun, and Ereignis is the opening that makes everything possible, despite people's ideologies.
An English translation of the Editorial is available online (at the time writing): https://charliehebdo.fr/riss-editorial/
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