Wednesday, April 13, 2016
Badiou Studies get Sokaled. Selected morsels:
Neutrality has no ontological status; it is the Impensé of the metaphysical quest for ontologies (in the sense of Heidegger’s understanding of metaphysics as undissociably ontological and theological (Heidegger 2004).
This leads us to the atopical location where the subject is – or rather, because the subject “is” not, since it is not part of the logics of sets – the subject “subjectives” (in the verbal mode – exactly in the way Heidegger famously wrote das Nichts nichtet in Was ist Metaphysik?).
The truth is of course not the degenerated, ontic (as Heidegger said) notion of logical truth; it is the truth in its original ontological sense, constituted through the triad of the subjectification of the subject, the advent of the event, and a given truth protocol (according to Badiou’s theory of the ways to truth).
Heidegger, M. (2004) Introduction to Metaphysics. New Haven: Yale University Press.
That citation's date is a farrago of the dates of two real editions.
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