Monday, May 23, 2016
In Malta Today, an interview with artist Evgletta Shtohryn.
How are you tackling the concept of time in this particular exhibition, and what led you to choose this path in particular?
Exploring the limits of now, hence the name of my project – ‘Now no longer – Now not yet’, it comes from Heidegger’s ‘Being in Time’, but what I am mostly interested in is the hyphen in the middle. The limits of now, the fluidity of it, the duration of the Now, when does it become the past?
From The Metaphysical Foundations of Logic:
The then arises from and in an expecting, and it permits of various unambiguous definitions, within certain limits, of course. These are possibilities that are not important for us now, since we are seeking something else. But what we laid out regarding the "then" is true of the "formerly" and the "now" in a corresponding way. The "formerly" always pronounces a retention of something previous. It is irrelevant here to what extent and how precisely we recall what is previous; we could even have forgotten it. In other words, the "formerly" is equally the utterance of a forgetting. The "now" accordingly pronounces being toward what presences [Anwesendes], and we term this being toward presencing things a holding in attendance or, more generally, making present.
Let us tum again to the phenomenon of the then. It emerges from expecting as such and is neither a property of objects nor of subjects. Yet we have not thereby finally exhausted its essential character but have, for the moment, overlooked something quite essential. The then, which is utterable and arises in making present, is always understood as "now not yet" (but rather: then). Whichever then I may choose, the then as such always refers in each case back to a now, or more precisely, the then is understood on the basis of a now, however inexplicit. Conversely, every formerly is a "now no longer" and is as such, in its structure, the bridge to a now.
P. 202
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