Friday, June 03, 2016

Aesthetics Today on Roger Scruton, Heideggerista.
Roger Scruton's "Poetry and Truth," in The Philosophy of Poetry is one of the more interesting discussions of the topic, especially given that Scruton begins with a discussion of Heidegger's concept of poetry as "the founding of truth" which Scruton takes to be true! Scruton rightly takes "truth" to refer here not to evaluation of sentences in terms of truth value, so loved by Frege and friends, but in the sense of revelation, or as Heidegger would put it, unconcealment. Poetry, according to Heidegger, is a bringing forth which is also a bestowing. Scruton says that Heidegger is "attempting to gives a secular version of [a religious idea of revelation]. And by attributing the process of revelation to poetry - in other words, to a human product, in which meaning is both created by human beings and also 'bestowed' by them he can be understood as advocating revelation without God."
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