Monday, June 27, 2016
In NDPR, Theodore Kisiel reviews Mahon O'Brien's Heidegger, History and the Holocaust.
We can agree that Heidegger's insight into the essence of modern technology as Ge-Stell proves to be prescient when extended to our own more technically advanced 21st century and so provides an illustration of his genius as a philosopher. Best translated out of its Greek and Latin roots as "syn-thetic com-posit[ion]ing," Ge-Stell portends the 21st century globalizations of the internetted WorldWideWeb with its virtual infinity of websites in cyberspace, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), interlocking air traffic control grids, world-embracing weather maps, the 24-7 world news cycle of cable TV-networks like CNN, etc., etc., all of which are structured by the complex programming based on the computerized and ultimately simple Leibnizian binary-digital logic generating an infinite number of combinations of the posit (1) and non-posit (0). The synthetic compositing of computer logic thus maps out the grand artifact of the technological infrastructure that networks the entire globe of our planet Earth.
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