Friday, June 10, 2016
τὰς ὑπονοίας οὐκ ἐπίστανται

This weekend's reading on burning the straw man: L’affaire Faye: Faut-il brûler Heidegger? A Reply to Fritsche, Pégny, and Rastier, by Thomas Sheehan.
At the 2014 conference in New York I presented Faye with a list of twenty-eight volumes of Heidegger’s books, lectures, and articles from 1915 to the summer of 1931—that is, from the beginning of his academic career up to two years before he joined the Nazi party. I asked Faye which of them contained any anti-Semitic or Nazi or proto-Nazi elements, and on which pages. He did not respond.
Earlier responses:
Gaëtan Pégny - The Right of Reply to Professor Sheehan, and
Johannes Fritsche - Sheehan on Faye.

Earlier on Enowning: François Rastier's open letter to Philosophy Today.
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