Tuesday, July 26, 2016
Hampstead & Highgate Express reports on dodgy existentialism.
A woman conned out of thousands of pounds by a “manipulative psychoanalyst” who won her trust in radical therapy sessions has said she hopes he will “never be able to commit crime again”.
The self-styled psychoanalyst from Camden, who is the civil partner of the late film director Ken Russell’s son, had won the vulnerable woman’s confidence by carrying out sessions of “radical existential psychoanalysis” via telephone from the United States, charging £1,980.
Judge John Plumstead, who will sentence Cochran on September 2, said he believed the 29-year-old may have a “narcissistic personality disorder” and ordered psychiatric assessments. He said: “His degree seems to have been a pretty generalist one, he’s talked himself into thinking that by reading Jean Paul Sartre and Heidegger he can form a basis to give therapy to others. That’s delusional.”
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