Tuesday, July 12, 2016
In NDPR Lawrence K. Schmidt reviews Adrian Costache's Gadamer and the Question of Understanding: Between Heidegger and Derrida.
Costache demonstrates that Gadamer is a mere disciple of Heidegger by initially analyzing the chapter on Dilthey in Truth and Method. After criticizing other interpretations, he argues that Gadamer's "correction of Dilthey reflects faithfully Heidegger's own correction just as his critique develops Heidegger's reproach". Gadamer continues to develop Heidegger's analysis of understanding when he begins to discuss the elements of hermeneutic experience. Heidegger's fore-structures of understanding are incorporated by Gadamer into the effect of tradition. The authority of tradition is developed from Heidegger's sense of "preservation" in The Origin of the Work of Art. Gadamer does modify Heidegger's discussion of understanding by developing a "historical hermeneutics of facticity" and corrects Heidegger by including the fore-conception of completion.
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