Monday, July 18, 2016
In NDPR, Pierre-Jean Renaudie reviews Claude Romano's There is: The Event and the Finitude of Appearing, translated by Michael B. Smith.
According to Romano, Heidegger dismisses too quickly the existential significance of the event and its impact on the "ek-sistence" of Dasein. "The event, as soon as it comes up in Sein und Zeit, is traced back to an inauthentic modality of Dasein, that is to an ontological dissimulation of its existence". Romano very convincingly demonstrates that this "surreptitious reduction of events to mere innerworldly facts" that can receive only the ontological meaning of Vorhandenheit misses a fundamental dimension of existence and is responsible for Heidegger's unsatisfying analysis of the "ecstatic" temporality of Dasein. The very question that Being and Time unearths and emphasizes, the question about the "who?" that characterizes the Sein of Dasein, requires an in-depth analysis of the occurrence of the events that determine the very possibilities of Dasein and contribute in reconfiguring its world, making each time that Dasein the particular Dasein it is and has to be.
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