Thursday, July 07, 2016
In NDPR, Stephen Mulhall reviews Ingo Farin and Jeff Malpas's Reading Heidegger's Black Notebooks 1931-41.
Heidegger does not think that Weltjudentum is responsible either for initiating this overwhelming of Being or for globalizing it: the root causes are rather Platonism, Christianity, Cartesianism, Neo-Kantianism and scientism (amongst many others, including Americanism and Anglo-Saxonism). One might well question Heidegger's apparently inveterate tendency to think in terms of such 'isms'; one might also regard his complete exclusion of Jerusalem from the Graeco-German axis of his Western European history of Being as dubious in itself and dubiously motivated. But the evidence marshalled here hardly suggests a constitutive role for international Jewry in Heidegger's account of Being's progressively damaging self-forgetting, and so hardly supports the charge that his evolution of a 'history of Being' approach to thinking is essentially anti-Semitic in its nature or trajectory.
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