Thursday, August 04, 2016
Things gesture world.
By implicating a beyond, things gesture. The gesture is not confined to its performer— it is itself a performance. And this means it is always beyond what carries it out. Gesture is itself the transition into this “out.” Gesture is the carrying, the carriage or bearing (comportment), of this transition beyond oneself. The things that gesture world hold it up. As we have seen in considering the hinting divinities, the bearing of gesture is a bearing that gives no ground, but instead is a “counter- bearing and conveying [Entgegentragen und Zutrag],” that is, gesture is an interface, as is the thing. There would be no world without things. They are the pinions of world, the axes upon which it turns. The movement of the thing beyond itself effulges forth a space of relation. Relations stream away from things, through the cracks of the four, along the avenues of the four, billowing out from the thing. In so doing, these relations articulate world.
P. 300
From The Fourfold, Andrew J. Mitchell.
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