Monday, September 12, 2016
In 3 A.M., Jonathan Basile reviews the translations of Derrida's seminars.
Perhaps the most curious specter of Derrida summoned by this translation is the one who never placed a special emphasis on the word deconstruction. The term appears here for the first time in Derrida’s work, but it appears alongside “solicitation” and “shaking up” as one of several possible translations for Heidegger’s Destruktion. Derrida insisted that he never intended to found a philosophy of deconstruction, but rather that the term which appeared in Of Grammatology (again as a translation or gloss of Heidegger) was fastened onto by commentators and eventually adopted by Derrida himself. To give a sense of the contingency of this transmission, solicitation is a term that recurs with no less frequency in Derrida’s early work, often with gestures toward its etymology, from solus, whole, entire, and ciere, to put in motion.
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