Monday, September 19, 2016
Last Friday, De Paul, Chicago, Heidegger Circle 2017.
Kate Withy, Richard Polt and Gregory Fried discussing Heidegger's singulare tantum, Tom Sheehan moderates.

I'm reading a book on general relativity by my namesake, and I'm starting to entertain the notion that for Ereignis to be a proper basis for ontology, it must apply to everything, not just dasein. But only dasein understands temporally. Two billiard balls come out of unconcealment and immediately withdraw in an flash of Ereignis. Wherever there is gravity, a clearing is possible. From this first beginning, explaining dark matter, dark energy, and uncanny action at a distance is left as an exercise; my gifts to physics students looking for dissertation topics. If only Aristotle had understood gravity, we'd a had a different metaphysics.
SCHOLAR: What is certain, however, is that the jug is a jug without itself thinking its essence; for indeed, it cannot think at all.
GUIDE: We would do well to leave even this still open.
P. 43
My favorite talk was John Sallis's keynote address, where he explained the transformation of space-time into space and time. But I don't remember the steps, and it's not in the proceedings.
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