Monday, November 14, 2016
How to think about the three ἀλήθειαs (clearing, significance, correctness) and the natural world.

Things are intrinsically withdrawn, hidden, from each other

In the simplest case, consider two protons P1 and P2+, which has an electron (+). They are in the cosmos, but hidden from each other. At some point, they come near each other and exchange the electron. And immediately become hidden from each other again.
Initial state: P1          P2+

The clearing flashes: P1 {---{ (+) {---{ P2

Final state: P1+          P2
Or think of two devices, signalling a bit of information. They're hidden, the clearing flashes when the bit is exchanged, and then the two devices withdraw immediately.

Now, when dasein is introduced into the natural world, dasein temporalizes all the flashes into a coherent world that makes sense, where correctness makes sense, both in the context of the dasein's lived experience and the context of the particular thing that dasein is working with in their world, at this place, right now.

So, in the natural world, the clearing is the possibility for something to happen between two beings. In the human world, dasein remembers events (opens up the clearing), making it possible for dasein to makes sense of the phenomena.
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