Sunday, November 06, 2016
Ponderings II–VI # 211.
Will the most originary appropriation of the (event) succeed? And if the latter is still to be granted to the coming ages, how could the appropriation succeed except in preservation? That word names the activity of restraint, which is far from any weary adherence to what is traditional but also distant from any empty driving away of what has just been grasped. Preservation is the highest power for the moment in which what is given as task | first appeals and what is given as endowment compels toward a collision. Preservation is the mystery of creativity. Preservation—names the fact that we are held in history out of the (event) only if we ourselves are holders
  holding to the compliance and holding out in the moment and so steadfast in being.
  Preservation only as Da-sein.
  Preservation of the carrying out; the history of restraint.
  Out of the latter arises the former.
P. 198
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