Monday, December 12, 2016
beyng.com (Ereignis website) may not work over the next few hours. I had to move the web site to a new web ISP.

I started Ereignis in 1995, on webcom.com. Eventually it got bought by a bigger ISP Verio, who then migrated the web site to a new system (which is when I bought the beyng.com domain -- couldn't use webcom.com/paf/ereignis.html any longer). Recently Verio was bought by a company called Endurance, and last week, an unexplained charge for hundreds of dollars showed up on my credit card. I googled the company, and the first page of results were all for web sites reporting on credit card fraud. As wikipedia describes it: "a low-confidence provider of web solutions who generally tanks new acquisitions". It was time to overcome inertia, and finally move to a new ISP (only $3 a month!), which I am now doing.
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