Friday, January 13, 2017
1. Everything is groundless and goalless; can a ground and a goal be at all rightly expected and found?
2. We cannot turn back and certainly cannot help ourselves out with snatched-up tatters and patches.
3. Are we moving forward—or are we merely being pushed down a slope, because we do not even have enough weight to fall on our own?
4. Must we at all extricate ourselves from the previous back and forth movement? Whereto?
5. Of what help is the unity of the people—supposing such unity came to be out of the void and in this wasteland?
6. Is not all questioning becoming still more pressing and greater and more multifarious for the people—is not the wasteland expanding and the void becoming voider?
7. Can a change actually take place without a long preparation? 8. Must not this preparation be carried out radically, from the first and broadest domains of decision?
9. Are not these domains to be opened up in advance as the first and broadest ones and incorporated into the structure?
10. For that, must not thought—interrogative-poetic knowledge— be affirmed as the highest?
11. Being = time as the presentiment of a preliminary stage of the preparation. (Cf. Being and Time II.)
12. Contributions to philosophy. (cf. plan of 7-27-36.)
13. A confrontation with Being and Time.
14. The beginning of metaphysics. (Cf. p. 39f.)
Must not proceed on the path of doom, but also must not withdraw into something earlier—instead, away from the whole path into a second beginning—in the closedness of that path, its simplicity, and its “end.”

Earth — World
Pp. 172-3
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