Wednesday, March 01, 2017
In The American Interest, Alexander S. Duff on the specter haunting the liberal order.
What began, then, as a momentous achievement—the apprehension of Being as phusis by logos, which Heidegger refers to as the Anfang, the great inception or beginning—included nonetheless a small error. (To speak technically, Being was taken as what is present when what it really first meant was the presenting of beings from absence, and therefore included a sense of the absent or non-present. Logos from then on tended to concentrate on what was present and to overlook absence.) Over time, this error has established, as it were, the boundaries within which the West approaches and interrogates Being. And what began with a small error has now generated the near total alienation of human life from our real business, our real character, which is to be beings who are open to and aware of Being in the fullest sense.
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