Wednesday, March 15, 2017
In NDPR, Joe Belay reviews Wanda Torres Gregory's Heidegger's Path to Language.
Heidegger's thinking of language falls into two broad, though not mutually exclusive, approaches: (1) an early "linguistic" approach, focused on language's relationship with the "meaning" of Being, and seeking to answer how language helps contain/express the "sense" (Sinn) or "meaning" (Bedeutung) of what it means to be; and (2) an "essential" approach, pursuing the question of the "essence" (Wesen) or "nature" of language (Sprache) itself. A guiding thesis in Torres Gregory's study, however, is that there is no radical "turn" (Kehre) in Heidegger's thinking of language. Rather, she argues that these two dimensions run alongside one another with the latter achieving a "slow surfacing, into explicitness over time, a move from background to foreground".
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