Tuesday, March 07, 2017
The February issue of Le Magazine Littéraire finally arrived. In the What to do about Heidegger? dossier:
Luc Ferry - Heidegger, great and mediocre - His calling into question of humanism could only lead to a criticism of democracy.
Simon F. Oliai - Don't be fundamentalist about his fundamentalism - Whether devoted or hostile, Heidegger's readers most often disregard the cultural context in which he is inscribed.
Emmanuel Faye - Not a philosopher but a subliminal propagandist - Heidegger, from the outset, announced that he had set himself the task of putting an end to philosophy. It is only the first stage of a logic of extermination that he advocates veiled words, at the service of "the German essence".
Patrice Bollon - Both a symptom and an antidote - The West is struggling to question its own blindness and determinism, as well as the tyrannical temptations of its universalism. Heidegger embodies the excesses of our tradition, while helping to think them in his work.
Jean-Luc Nancy - Carried away by what he deplores - For Heidegger, his time was exposed to worse than the fall "since it lacks the height from which one could fall". He himself overhung nothing when he allowed himself to be possessed by the most banal sordid anti-Semitism.
Stéphane Domeracki - All Heidegger must be read and interpreted - Long before the publication of the Black Notebooks, many nauseous passages of the work were accessible and could be translated. It is inconceivable to continue in 2017 to be mystified by the editorial strategies of their author.
François Rastier - Prophet of the End Times: A Messianic Strategy - Heidegger formulates delirious predictions in his Black Notebooks and has programmed the date of publication of his posthumous works as if it were to stagger in time the full revelation of his project.
Georges-Arthur Goldschmidt - Nazi in the text - Only Germany would be capable of authentic thought: this obsession, frank in the Black Notebooks, was elsewhere formulated in a cryptic way. But the Heideggerian language, authoritarian and accusatory, in a way displayed its color.
Stéphane Zagdanski - What to do? Nothing - The anti-Heideggerians, contaminated with the same tics as the anti-Semites, generalize sporadic remarks and see Nazism everywhere in the "shepherd of the Being". Thus, they miss what is the prize of his thought, for no one has better grasped the nihilism in which we bathe.
Sidonie Kellerer - A thought aimed only at domination - The esotericism of Heidegger's thought allows him to give a presentable aspect to his extremism while distilling it to the initiates. "My courses [...] are all [...] knowingly surface and even most often concealed," he said.
Igor, fetch me the Meister's secret exterminator ring!
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