Thursday, June 29, 2017

Techno Occulture on Tom Sparrow's speculative realism.
Heidegger’s path unlike his mentor would lead him on a philosophical quest for truth, attempting to access the way things are without the distortion of our brain’s (Mind) distorting lens. This would lead Heidegger to examine the distorting lens, to critique the very structuring process which maps the world and provides our awareness of it, in this way he believed that the way forward in “mitigating distortion, is to first examine the instrument or means of access to truth”. In Heidegger’s view phenomenology is never merely a matter of description; it is always a problem of interpretation, or hermeneutics. Ultimately Heidegger against his mentor’s belief in ever substantiating the truth and validity of mind-independent objects without the need of presuppositions would lead him in the opposite direction.
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