Tuesday, July 25, 2017
In Philosophy Now Mahon O’Brien reviews the first Ponderings.
Contrary to what some of Heidegger’s most fanatical supporters maintain, these notebooks are not rich philosophical repositories teeming with crucial insights that enhance our understanding of Heidegger’s published work. There are interesting passages here and there, not least his occasional references to Being and Time, which help to shed light on how he himself reflected on the successes and failures of his early work. Notwithstanding, it has been somewhat bewildering to observe certain commentators boldly proclaiming the virtues of Heidegger’s notebooks, trawling through these disparate series of jottings for fragments and phrases which are then stitched together into rather patchy evidence to support disappointingly heavy-handed, tendentious, yet keenly defended interpretations.
What the mag needs is a gossip columnist who'll name names.
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