Wednesday, July 26, 2017
In PopMatters, Chadwick Jenkins on Befindlichkeit, Verstehen and Rede in Mizoguchi's 'Ugetsu'.
The women, likewise, see a set of possibilities for living in the world that are also not entirely realistic and equally predicated upon Heidegger’s three categories, as well as traditional gender roles. Their vision (Mood) a familiar bless insecurity cannot be realized without some concession to “male” ambition. Their seeming good sense (and we are clearly meant to see Miyagi as being in the right) is tempered by a slippery faith that togetherness vouchsafes security. This abiding trust in the blessedness of the familial derives from their Understanding in relation to their projects—but their practicality is ultimately impractical, grounded in the Discourse of the traditional view of woman as guarantor of familial cohesion.
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