Tuesday, January 09, 2018
In First Things, David P. Goldman on the supernatural reich.
Morbid curiosity makes all of this entertaining, but the reader finds it hard to determine just how important any of it was to actual Nazi internal policy or war strategy. One didn’t have to be an occultist to be a Nazi, although evidently it helped. Otherwise rational men and women joined Hitler not because they believed in pixies, but out of profound historical despair. Martin Heidegger, for example, embraced Nazism because he believed that “resoluteness” required the embrace of “historical authenticity” in the form of the “fate” of the German nation in its concrete circumstances (see Being and Time, section 74).
§ 74 doesn't mention the German nation. "Fateful destiny can be disclosed explicitly as bound up with the heritage which has come down to us" applies to any Dasein, whether in historical despair or on Betelgeuse V. Resolutely exist authentically, wherever, whenever!
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