Thursday, February 22, 2018
3:AM interviews David Skrbina.
I think we can see today where Heidegger went wrong and where his theory falls short. Among such points I would include: (1) ‘modern’ technology is not a fundamental break in the ontological order, (2) technology is not a strictly human affair; animals, at least, make extensive use of tools, (3) his essence of modern technology (“Enframing”) is too abstract and vague to serve as a useful concept, (4) the effects of technology on the environment are critical and cannot be overlooked, (5) technology has an undeniably ‘mental’ aspect to it, and thus essentially involves the concept of mind, and (6) the “saving power,” if there is one, involves more than mere artistic activity, and more than simply “watching over” technology, as Heidegger suggests.
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