Wednesday, February 28, 2018
In The News, impediments to philosophy.
What the definition of instrumental rationality does not take into account is the process of internalising ideas and the changes resulting in how we see things. In contrast to other disciplines, internalising and analysing are integral parts of philosophy. Martin Heidegger exquisitely illustrates this difference when he says, “It is absolutely correct and proper to say that ‘you can’t do anything with philosophy’.” But it is only wrong to suppose that this is the last word on philosophy, for the rejoinder maintains: “granted that we cannot do anything with philosophy, might not philosophy, if we concern ourselves with it, do something with us?” Here, Heidegger sheds light on some of the deeper flaws in our concept and practice of knowledge. So it can be said that philosophy is an act of undoing oneself, which in turn gives birth to a second innocence that fills one with wonder and propels them to explore humans and the world anew. No wonder why Plato declared, “wonder is only the beginning of philosophy’.
Quote is from GA 40.
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