Wednesday, February 07, 2018
Kent Palmer on the missing wisdom.
Heidegger’s rejection of Sophia as a human possibility has far reaching consequences for our understanding of human existence within the context of Dasein as described by Heidegger. And we need to add Hiersein (Being Here) as an addendum to Dasein in order to make room for the possibility of Sophia as part of human experience. Basically what Heidegger does not understand is that there are things about ourselves that were always true that we only later discover about ourselves, and that is wisdom to understand the self in such depth as to realize what it actually is like behind the semblances. Heidegger’s Dasein cannot discover what it always was and always will be, its Arche: origin and end as the same. And this is probably why people are uncomfortable with the idea of Dasein. It is the projection process by which we project our world. It is both in the world that it projects and it is the projector of that world. Dasein knows itself in a for itself mode though its projection of the other. But does Dasein know itself in-itself. Is Care (Sorge) a deep enough knowing of the nature of dasein. There is care of self and care of the other. But it always seems that dasein lacks depth. And that is because of the missing Sophia, its knowledge of itself in-itself. Complete knowledge must be in and for itself, but as Hegel says that is only comprehended through knowledge of the other.
From "Heidegger’s Error: Philosophy without Sophia".
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