Thursday, February 01, 2018
Michael Roubach on primordial truth.
Conscience is a call away from the “they” (das Man) toward oneself. It therefore enables the change from inauthenticity to authenticity. This change is made through resoluteness (Entschlossenheit). Resoluteness leads Dasein to the primordial truth, which is that disclosedness that characterizes Dasein. Therefore, truth as disclosedness is given to Dasein through the call of conscience. With the call of conscience we have a sort of basic directedness toward the revelation of truth. One can therefore interpret it as the basis for the pursuit of truth. But the problem with Heidegger’s account of conscience is that it does not give any preference to the directedness toward truth. Truth is not related yet to a specific positive norm of pursuing truth or a negative norm of avoiding lying, but Heidegger’s account does advocate the idea that part of the notion of the meaning of truth is that it is given within the context of such directedness.
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