Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Volpi Heidegger Aristotle
the plan that Heidegger presents, in a progression that foresees sequential steps. First it's a matter of examining time and temporality in their essential characterization in common understanding, that is in 'existential' understanding. In a further step it is then a matter of distinguishing temporality as a structure of being (Zeitlichkeit) from temporality as a condition of possibility for the understanding of being itself (Temporalit├Ąt). A third step will then lead the analysis to connect being and temporality. Finally, by apprehending these connections, it will be possible to thematize the ontological difference.
My intent with blogging every page in the Volpi book was to get them indexed. But it looks like the actual page's content isn't being indexed -- it's an Angular app that fetches the page when the browser loads the url. So I'm going to stop, except for a couple already scheduled in March.
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