Monday, October 15, 2018
In The American Interest, BHL on the Euro's broken bridges.
Look at our bank notes, the euros. Compare them to yours. On a bank note, you’re supposed have to have a grand man or grand woman embodying the spirit of the new patriotism. When the euro was created, we were unable to decide if it would be Goethe, or Dante, or Blaise Pascal or whoever, so what did we put on the currency? We chose broken bridges, or as Martin Heidegger would say, roads that go nowhere. That is crazy. Such a currency says a lot about the country, by the way. I understood a lot about America when I discovered what is written on the dollar, the three Latin verses and why they are there. In Europe, we have this crazy currency. We don’t know who the President is. We don’t know the bureaucracy in Brussels.
At least the Euro doesn't feature grand people that might have behaved reprehensibly on it. I bet BHL probably doesn't even carry currency and instead uses Apple and Facebook technology from Silicon Valley, which he doesn't know.
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