Monday, January 07, 2019
In-between the day.
Night is the time-space of a unique vigilance, one that may indeed be all too readily befallen by slumber and drifting off into sleep, without however being overpowered by the latter. The thinking that remembers those who once were, and who thus still essentially are, is oriented toward a remoteness; yet this remoteness is mysterious, because as remoteness it shelters within it at once that which once was and that which is coming. Each also refers at the same time to the other in each instance, and this especially when no decision has yet been made concerning either the remoteness of what once was or the remoteness of what is to come but where there is only remoteness. What is removed in such remoteness bears night within it: it is by no means something removed in the sense of eliminated, merely gone and away.
P. 77
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