Saturday, June 29, 2019
Madhouse News interviews Diego Fusaro about his new book La notte del mondo.
QUESTION. Explain to me, please, why we are in a dark night, at what point Marx and Heidegger cross.
ANSWER. My book La notte del mondo, Marx, Heidegger and technocapitalism ‘(UTET, 2019) is an attempt to reason according to the categories of Marx and Heidegger about what Heidegger himself, with the verses of Hölderlin, defines “The night of the world.” The night of the world is a time when darkness is so present that we do not even see the darkness itself and, therefore, we are not aware of that darkness. Heidegger expresses it saying that “it is the night of the flight of the gods”, in which we are not even aware of the poverty and misery in which we find ourselves. This is a situation of maximum emergency. For its part, Marx in the ‘Grundrisse’ said that “the modern world leaves unsatisfied, or if something satisfies it is trivially”. It is another way of saying that we are indeed in the night of the world, where we do not even see the enormous problem in which we find ourselves. In the book I use the categories of two very different authors, such as Marx and Heidegger, to try to reveal what are the contradictions of our present in which everyone calculates and nobody thinks. In which the economic and technical, technical and scientific reason, has been imposed as the only valid reason, and aims to replace all others.
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