Saturday, December 14, 2019
In Areo Jonathan Church reconciles individualism and social constructivism.
The everyday existence of Dasein within the public character of its individuality—its they-self—reinforces its congenital tendency to live an inauthentic existence. By contrast, an authentic existence entails an escape from the they-self—though not from the they. Liberal individualism, then, can be conceived as an attempt to extricate oneself from the they-self, while Social Justice activism can be conceive as attempting to facilitate this disentanglement by exploring the ways in which group identity can be exploited as a means of social marginalization, where marginalization then leads to a kind of inauthenticity. The problem of structural inequality, then, is not merely an instrumental and material concern with means and ends, but a concern with how structural inequalities undermine Dasein’s pursuit of existential fulfillment.
How close or how far away from the average an individual is, is a question that serves to reinforce the average everydayness of the existence of Dasein. In its average mode of existence, Dasein takes other people to be like itself. Individuals are inconspicuous: their differences do not make them authentic beings. Differences are understood only in relation to the average. Individuals perform similar activities, have the same expectations and tastes, partake in the same customs and traditions, attain varying levels of the same educational quality, all without deliberately choosing from among the possibilities that arise in these contexts in a way that is in accord with the true demands of their authentic individuality.
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