Wednesday, January 01, 2020
In Medium, Cailee Beltran on the possibility of authenticity.
As a Dasein, I attend a university and I study English Literature. I am assigned prompts and given an essay structure to follow and then told to create “original ideas and thesis statements.” But I would argue that this an element of my inauthenticity as a Dasein, because I write countless papers on books I am assigned to read that are other people’s words and ideas, and I am expected to make my “own” interpretations, write for another’s approval and then acceptingly call the work my “own”. But my papers are never my own, there is no mineness to my writing, even in my writing outside of academia. I still participate in idle talk as everything that I want to say or write, is either for someone else or filtered through an outside framework or element. The “They” is extended in my situation because, in writing, we have rules and strict order, especially in the English language. I have to account for grammar, punctuation, organization, creativity, and original or structured arguments, which as a result enacts limitations on any possibilities of moving towards an authentic state.
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