Sunday, April 12, 2020
In Rappler, Jairus Diesta Espiritu on the facticity of isolation.
With the imposed isolation of so many communities, a part of us is lost – a part of our humanity becomes missing. Martin Heidegger talks of our relationship to the Being of other entities as our facticity. Our facticity involves our concern for things that we do, things that we buy, and people that we care about. But the needed isolation for survival devoids us of these relationships; the Enhanced Community Quarantine rids us of an aspect of our facticity. Suddenly, we can no longer do things that are of concern to us and we cannot visit those whom we care about. Even the food that we care to eat is suddenly lost; we are now at the mercy of which supplies are left on supermarket stands. Suddenly, just so we could survive as a species, we deprive ourselves of a modality of our Being as humans.
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