Saturday, June 20, 2020
Google is changing Blogger again this month. It has happened before in the 16 years Enowning has been updated. Each change has led to loss of original features. Older posts can no longer be updated to correct typos and link rot. The latest changes restrict blog posts even more down a particular channel, make the blog more difficult to manage, so it is time to take a break from Enowning.
Really? Where can I read about these disturbing changes? I tried the new interface but decided to keep the old one, which they say will remain available.
Enowning blog posts don't have titles. The old admin web UI displays Enowning posts with the first line of text, in the absence of a value for the Title field. Good enough for me to tell them apart, manage my posts. The new UI displays all Enowning posts as "Untitled", so I can only tell them apart by their date.
Oh, that is annoying. Again, though, they claim that you can revert to the old UI if you want to.
I got an email saying that they were dropping old UI, and they would migrate Enowning to new UI before end of June, ready or not.

Sorry to see you are gone.
I'm still around, only updating content on beyng.com instead of adding blog posts here.

What I do there is more perdurant and flexible. Not beholden to the vagaries of Blogger.

The world stopped blogging, moved on to social media. The pathetic overwhelms thinking.
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