Wednesday, December 08, 2004
What is Philosophy?

Paragraph 42
Now I shall only try to express a foreward to the discussion. I should like to turn the discussion back to what we touched upon in connection with André Gide's words about "fine sentiments." Φιλόσοφία is the expressly accomplished correspondence which speaks in so far as it considers the appeal of the Being of being. The correspondence listens to the voice of the appeal. What appeals to us as the voice of Being evokes our correspondence. "Correspondence" then means: being de-termined, être disposé by that which comes from the Being of being. Dis-posé here means literally set-apart, cleared, and thereby placed in relationship to what is. Being as such determines speaking in such a way that language is attuned (accorder) to the Being of being. Correspondence is necessary and is always attuned, and not just accidentally and occaisionally. It is in an attunement. And only on the basis of the attunement (disposition) does the language of correspondence obtain its precision, its tuning.
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