Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Rigid Designator on philosophy.
In What is Philosophy?, Heidegger finally answers that philosophy “consists in our corresponding to [answering to] that towards which philosophy is on the way. And that is—the Being of being”. Philosophy is a dialogue with being. Being depends on us to bring it forth, but it is not all up to us. Being has something to say as well. Bringing forth the essence of a thing, and seeing the referential relationships that make a thing meaningful to us are examples of a correspondence with being.
Since MH specifically in places, at least in his later work per Stambaugh, rejects the correspondence theory of truth, the use of that term here is a bit slippery.

Near the end of her "Finitude of Being" she highlights MH's developed preference for metaphors of sound, so that it is "voices" we are supposed to listen for.

He qualified the use of those metaphors so that I get the impression they were foils for refusing the dominant context of sight.

Hence my interest in Husserl's (and MH's) interpretation of Sinn, as I see it, as a sixth sense.
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