Wednesday, November 28, 2007
This is a post from yesterday, only using unicode for greek characters instead of the symbol font.

Ontological goodness in Aristotle.
...[Aristotle] suceeded in showing for the first time that the αγαθόν is nothing else than an ontological character of beings: it applies to those beings which are determined by a τέλος. To the extent that a being reaches its τέλος and is complete, it is as it is meant to be, ευ. The αγαθόν has at first no relation to πρᾶξις at all; instead, it is determination of beings insofar asthey are finished, com-plete. A being that always is does not at all need to be produced; it is always already constantly there as finished. Insofar as Aristole understands the αγαθόν as τέλος--being finished--and counts the τέλος among the other causes, like ὔλη, εἰδος, and ἀρχὴ κινέσεως, he achieves for the first time a fundamental ontological understanding of the αγαθόν. If we take the αγαθόν as value, then this is all nonsense.

P. 84-85
αγαθόν: good
ἀρχὴ κινέσεως: the efficient cause
εἰδος: form
ευ: well being
πρᾶξις: goal directed action
τέλος: purpose
ὔλη: matter

I tried various methods of getting the unicode characters and ended up turning on the greek character set in Windows. I couldn't find any one mechanism that let me enter all the diacritcal marks. I still haven't figured out how to do iota subscript, but it was required today. Let me know if you have any comments today's versus yesterday's method of rendering greek, or have any advice on greek on the web.
I myself use Keyman (http://www.tavultesoft.com/keyman/)on windows and KMFL (http://kmfl.sourceforge.net/)on linux. For classical Greek (and Hebrew) they are probably the best solutions. At least for me. More information (and the old and free version of Keyman here http://members.aol.com/AtticGreek/). The installation directions also give an overview how to use the keyboard.
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