Tuesday, February 08, 2011
Yesterday I received Introduction To Philosophy. In his translator's forward, Philip J. Braunstein wrote:
GA 50 also contains Heidegger's undelivered lecture from 1940, Nietzsche's Metaphysics, which has already been published in English and is not translated here.
I tried to find that, but the only English Nietzsche's Metaphysics I could find is Frank A. Capuzzi's translation in volume III of the English Nietzsche, and that one is from GA 6. Krell says in his editor's preface:
"Nietzsche's Metaphysics"...is not (as was once believed) a lecture course from winter semester of 1941-42 but a sixty-four page typescript dated August 1940.
So, where was Nietzsche's Metaphysics from GA 50 translated? The new book goes so far as to include supplements for Nietzsche's Metaphysics.

[The editor's afterword indicates that GA 50's Nietzsche's Metaphysics is very similar to the version in GA 6.]
I tried to disentangle this here - http://progressivegeographies.wordpress.com/2011/01/29/heidegger-introduction-to-philosophy/

Basically, the version in GA50 is not available in English.
Thanks for indicating that.

I tried to ask the translator about Nietzsche's Metaphysics. The book says that the translator "teaches in the philosophy department at Loyola Marymount University." I couldn't find him on the Loyola web site, on anywhere else on the web -- there's a film producer with that name. I emailed someone I know on the faculty at the philosophy department, and they responded that there is no one there by that name.
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